About Us

Viztango cafeTito, has had a long and successful experience in the restaurant business where he started as a dishwasher, worked himself up to become a chef and a manager, to finally owning his own restaurant. His experience has all been obtained by working at some of the finest Italian restaurants in Los Angeles.

In 1982, Tito began working at Spagos (Beverly Hills) where he worked himself up to an assistant cook. Two years later he continued his ascent in the business by earning the head-cook position at Bistango Restaurant (Beverly Hills). In 1991, Tito joined Spruzzo’s (Malibu) as the executive chef and worked there for 12 years until he opened Viztango Café in 2003.

Viztango Café is the destination USC students have been looking for.

Viztango’s Owner, Tito Rivera, open for business early in 2003 and is pleased with a better than expected reaction from the USC community. Rivera has cooked at spago in Beverly Hills and spent 14 years as executive chef at Malibu’s Spruzzo.

My plan for Viztango Café was to bring the best of LA to USC for prices that students can afford. Rivera said at the café, the food is always cooked to order and nothing they offer costs more than $10. Viztango’s menu is unique. Before the restaurant opened, the cooking staff prepared every dish on the menu and took pictures to serve as visual aids for customers. The photographs are posted on the walls of the restaurant, simplifying the ordering process to a mere point and pay procedure.

There are reasons to believe that Viztango will last in the USC Community. Many students think its food is better than almost anything served on the area and the food have the 5 star qualities.

The restaurant is open from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm, so don’t waste your time and order online now.We also deliver to anyone in the USC area during hours of operation.

Viztango Cafe, formerly known as Bistango Cafe, underwent a slight name change. The restaurant remains under the same ownership and most importantly the same great taste. Our “regulars” can attest to that fact.